Advocate Tomasz Piotr Chudzinski

Founder of the Law Firm, an advocate entered on the list of advocates of the Chamber of Advocates in Warsaw under number WAW / Adw / 6430. He gained experience in boutique law firms specializing in medical law and public business law in Wrocław and Warsaw. As an Associate, he also cooperated with one of the leading Polish law firms classified in the first fifteen of the last Rzeczpospolita rankings, where he specialized in providing legal services to clients of the railway sector.

From the very beginning of the founding of the Law Firm, he was particularly strongly involved in comprehensive legal services for housing communities and property managers. With success, he represents his clients in matters regarding the application of the Law on the ownership of premises, in disputes with developers and contractors of construction works. He represents his clients not only in administrative and court proceedings, but also in control proceedings conducted by PINB, President of UTK, GITD, SANEPID, as well as at meetings of cooperatives and housing associations.

Tomasz has several years of unique experience in the field of public commercial law (in particular, Polish and EU rail transport law), real estate law, administrative and court-administrative proceedings, control proceedings as well as proceedings before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection. In his previous work, he was involved in the application process as well as law-making.

He also represents his clients in matters relating to the protection of personal rights and in matters related to press law. This also applies to cases when violations occurred in social media.

While working at the Rail Transport Office, he was involved in proceedings regarding the largest economic undertakings of the railway sector in recent years. He specializes: (i) in the processes of placing into service railway vehicles, equipment, structures and structural subsystems in operation, (ii) in appeals against the decision of the President of Office of Railway Transport imposing fines, ordering the removal of railway regulations, excluding railway vehicles from operation, and decisions stopping traffic on railway sidings. He also has experience in matters related to granting open access, approving access rates and using railway infrastructure, “access decisions”.

Attorney Chudzinski also advises entrepreneurs in obtaining documentation necessary for lawful operation of infrastructure managers, railway carriers, users of railway sidings, entities responsible for rolling stock maintenance, rolling stock manufacturers, certification bodies as well as operators of service infrastructure facilities.

In addition to the Polish and EU law on railway transport, real estate law includes legal advice to housing communities, broadly understood administrative law, and criminal law.

Attorney Chudzinski is the author of scientific publications on the railway transport in the Internet Antitrust and Regulatory Quarterly. HE appeared aS A speaker at industry conferences (including the European Rolling Stock Forum 2015 and 2019, Internet Management Forum 2018).

He speakes Polish, English and comunicates in Spanish.

Marlena Chudzinska

A graduate in real estate management at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. A licensed property manager. He has over 10 years of experience in real estate management, both in the residential (housing communities) and commercial (construction investment in one of the budget units of the Capital City of Warsaw).

In her professional career she was the administrator of several dozen buildings (from several apartment houses, to complexes of buildings with several hundred apartments).

He cooperates with the Law Firm providing a professional and practical view of the functioning of housing communities.